Work as hard as you can for the Lord- not for man!

August 29, 2017

please forgive the delay in these messages on the website.  We are still learning our tech.  

remember Thursday August 31st is the last day you can order WARRIOR WEAR

Your encouragement for this volleyball week comes from Colossians 3:23. I pray that we will remember to work as hard as we can for the Lord and not try to impress the person next to us..If you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior this is a cool opportunity for you to receive a Heavenly reward someday. Only if we focus on working our hardest for Him!  Keep Jesus Christ at the forefront of your mind, and keep working hard for Him, ladies!

PAL LEAGUE— This weeks games are as follows:

8th grade AA will be playing at St Margaret Mary (6116 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68132) Sept. 2nd @ 1:15pm

8th grade B will be playing St Margaret Mary at Holy Name (2901 Fontenelle Blvd, Omaha, NE 68104) Sept. 2nd @ 11am

6th grade B will be playing St Mathew at St Bernard (3604 N 65th St, Omaha, NE 68104) Sept. 2nd @ 11am

HIGH SCHOOL — This weeks games are as follows:

Varsity is traveling to KC for the CPRS tournament— Read your email for an email from Michelle Gardner (Hurt). 

NOTE: We will settle all tournament gas and hotel costs after the tournament. This works best. 

JV has the week off. Rest up ladies!


This was our first full week of Games for both high school and our junior high teams.  

Our 5th & 6th team lost to St. Margaret Mary, but they stayed in it until the end and competed well.  

Our 8B team played hard but lost in a 2 out 3 match. What a good fight!

Our 8AA worked hard to win 2/3 in their match against Christ The King 

JV placed 2nd at the Lincoln Cougars Tournament! 

Varsity played some good matches and won 2 out of 4 of their matches over the weekend. 

Great Job, Warriors! We are so proud of your hard work!


if you are a referee, team, or uniform parent, you need to bring either ref $, medical pack, scorebook, and balls, or uniforms to the game.  If you cannot make it, ask another parent to do it, and give her the items she will need.  DADS, you can help too! 

PARENTS, please check out old MMM posts to find the scorekeeping links and learn how to scorekeep.  AMY will be at all the PAL games this weekend to help teach parents how to score.  It is super easy!


Please come at least 30 minutes before your game, so that you can change into your uniform.


THANK YOU, JILL SHARPE for your years of service!  Parents and Athletes if you see Jill Sharpe,  thank her for all the work she has done to keep Warriors moving.  She has spent countless hours for our girls, and now she is stepping down.  You will still see her around and behind the camera documenting all of the wonderful memories we are making.  JILL, take  a much needed rest!!  We love you. 


This is the day that every parent brings in their fundraising monies and pays the remainder of their registration balance. Angela or Amy will be there that day to take and record money.  Robyn will be there to take fundraising $.   If you cannot make it that day, please pay find Robyn to settle fundraising and Amy to pay your balance in advance.  Thank you


MORE INFORMATION TO COME. PICTURE PARENTS, we would like you present to help Jill take pictures, but we understand that the date change may complicate that.  


 Thanks everyone for your patience.  The website calendar will soon reflect all games including our PAL games for the 5th – 8th grade teams.  

Have a great week!

Coach Jess